Metaphysical Fair…YAY or Nay?

Big, fat, YAY from me. And I mean YAY not yea.

I think I was around 30 years old when I got into metaphysical stuff…maybe called “New Age” back then? I was wearing or carrying certain stones/crystals because of their metaphysical benefits. I was getting Tarot card readings, palm readings, oracle readings, straight up psychic readings, learning about Runes, the Zodiac, astrology, etc.

I was raised Catholic. My parents used to say it was Irish Catholic because they way they lived it, it was a tad less formal and more open, accepting and loving than Roman Catholic. At Christmas Mass, in the CCD program they ran, we played guitar and sang Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus.

Now, I can see 59 years on the not-too-distant horizon, and I still embrace the esoteric. I read my own animal oracle and Tarot cards, although I don’t have quite the Gift others possess. I wear and carry crystals. I think we’re brought into being/born at “Home”/the Other/Heaven if you must, and we choose to incarnate in different places (Earth being one of many, MANY schools) and to live different lives, in order to learn and perfect (emphasis on the second syllable).

It makes sense to me. In fact, it seems weird to me that metaphysical stuff is considered weird! What I think is weird, is that so many believe there’s only “one way” to get to “Heaven” (after this one-and-only mortal life)…THEIR WAY. And that God is jealous and wrathful and will punish you if you don’t go by whatever-religion-you’re-into-at-the-time’s rules.

So, yeahhh, I had a great time at yesterday’s Metaphysical Fair. Got some small-bead bracelets made from crystals whose vibes I believe will help me. Got a Tree of Life necklace decorated with Chakra stones. Got sage, incense, and more.

I mean, why n-o-t? Why can’t we incarnate here or anywhere? Why can’t we do it more than once? Why can’t we vibe with pieces of nature? Aren’t we giant pieces of nature? I’m also cool with finding out, upon my death and passage back Home, that I was wrong about some things. How could I — or any of us — possibly know The Real And Only Truth About The Vastness Of Everything And How It Is For Sure In The Afterlife? Ugh, the smugness.

My friends each got a couple of readings. I didn’t this time. Fortunately, there is ample opportunity where I live, to access Tarot card readers, oracle card readers, palm readers, straight up psychics, and more. Yesterday, however, I saw my first bone thrower! SO COOL. So…primal. Super nice person whose readings for my friends were spot-on. Whether cards or bones, it’s simply a matter of learning which vehicle helps you to hear/see/gather and then share information from the Divine…from Home.

This fair is longstanding and well-reputed. Those who apply and are then accepted as vendors, whether readers, healers, or sellers of merchandise are extremely well-vetted. The group who puts this fair on, collects donations of non-perishable food and personal care items from attendees to give to those in need. The vibe is healthy, happy, welcoming, and warm.

Why wouldn’t it be a big, fat, YAY from me?

Do you enjoy the metaphysical? Lemme know in the comments, if you like.

Thanks for reading.




Dog Mom. Currently into homemade pizza, wine, SUMMAH, & stuff for my pup.

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Dog Mom. Currently into homemade pizza, wine, SUMMAH, & stuff for my pup.

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